Real Estate Investment & Capital Services

Asset Management

RMD’s asset management strategy is customized to meet each individual investor’s goals and objectives committed to produce real measurable results while maximizing value and minimizing cost. In our role as asset manager, we are the “eyes and ears” of the client, focused on a streamlined and efficient management process that implements the overall philosophy of the investor to achieve success.

Our dedicated team of professionals provides a full range of asset management services. These services include assembly of a balanced portfolio financial analysis, debt restructuring, and leasing market analysis, while continuously monitoring economic viability of the investment asset to produce strong, realistic, reliable and sustained cash flow. Our team collaborates to develop comprehensive management and leasing strategies designed to offer creative and timely solutions aimed at maximizing assets’ financial performance.

RMD Projects:
- Broadway Plaza: 360,000 square feet, residential/retail high-rise project in Rochester, MN (
- Heritage Center: 450,000 square feet, office campus in Northern Virginia
- Washington Hill: 30,000 square feet high-end residential property in Kalorama, Washington, DC
- Residential land use of 21 acres in Northern Virginia
- Mixed use land development of 65 acres in Pittsburg, PA

Acquisition / Disposition

We believe that to buy, sell or hold assets is a critical decision that must be made in a timely and diligent manner to create wealth and improve value. Therefore, RMD provides its clients with continuous advice and support throughout the decision making process in relation to strategy and investment options.

RMD’s proven track record of structuring successful transactions, coupled with its local market knowledge, industry relationships, and accurate financial analysis enables us to provide our clients with sound recommendations that will allow them to realize the highest returns on their investments. We work hard to maximize the value of each real estate assignment with customized investment strategies based on each investor’s risk and return objectives. Our investment services division completed transactions estimated at $300,000,000. RMD is actively seeking to acquire additional real estate investments.


RMD has successfully developed several land use, commercial, and residential projects in the United States. Applying analytical skills, market knowledge, planning, zoning, financing, architecture, engineering, value engineering, contract negotiation, construction oversight, and strong financial management, we are able to deliver a quality product on time and below budget. Over the past few years our development team successfully developed over 700,000 SF valued at $200,000,000. We have transformed many office and residential buildings into unique properties, creating value not only for our investors and tenants, but also for the communities in which the properties are located.